Enriching worship.

Beautiful music enriches our lives, opening our hearts and soothing our souls. Since 1853, Steinway has dedicated themselves to creating the finest pianos in the world that deliver this beautiful music to us. Though there are many noble purposes among musical performance, the greatest form is worship. Music speaks to our hearts; Steinway unlocks them with the keys of worship.

 From traditional to contemporary worship, small or large church settings – Steinway has a piano designed to fit right with your church. We invite you to sing His praises and let Steinway & Sons open your heart with worship.

Different considerations can enter into the program to create a customized solution. Here are just a few…

  • The types of pianos needed – grands, upright or digitals
  • Will the instruments be used for teaching and practice or performance needs
  • The schedule of maintenance and tuning that will be required
  • Who will be performing the maintenance


Institutional Piano Loan Programs

 There’s one thing that music schools at state universities, private music schools and professional orchestras all have in common- the need to keep an eye on costs. Traditionally the one method for these institutions to maintain a selection of pianos was to buy the pianos new and maintain them over the years. However that up-front purchase cost would be prohibitive in most cases plus keeping all instruments maintained and tuned could require a full time tech, not to mention the ongoing year after year wear-and-tear.

The Institutional Piano Loan Program provides an option to this costly system. At Steinway Piano Gallery of Orlando we can work with any group to provide a custom solution to this costly up-front purchase option.  Generally, all pianos required by the music department for an academic year or performance season are loaned through a partnership of the dealer, and one of the world renowned piano manufacturers we represent- with minimal cost incurred by the institution.


For more information on pianos for your college or music school call us- 407-339-3771 

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